Meet Stas Novikov, one of the Paysenger founders

03 Nov, 2021

Meet Stas Novikov, one of the Paysenger founders. Stas answered a few questions about the Paysenger project.

When did you have the idea about the Paysenger project?

The idea came to the three founders at different times and from different perspectives. I started working on the idea back in 2019, when I faced a problem in communicating with in-demand experts and popular influencers. Even holding the advertising contract with a six-figure sum, it was very difficult to get a prompt response and get in touch. Messages were lost in hundreds and thousands of other messages.

And how did you team up with Egor and Pavel?

Our aspirations crossed in 2021, thanks to close friends who first introduced me to Egor, and then to Pavel. Egor has a big experience in marketing. He has been producing three dozen popular Instagram influencers around the world. Pavel is already an accomplished and most experienced entrepreneur among us. His payment service is preparing for an IPO and accepts payments in almost all countries of the world. Pavel closed the fintech competence and at the same time became our key investor. And I have 10 years of experience in the development and launch of IT projects. With my small studio Sapiens media, we launched a social service for searching missing people with 3 million users. We conducted successful digital campaigns to introduce the Tesla Model 3 in Russia, launched a project in the USA with an investment of $65M from Pfizer. In the UK, we launched the rapidly gaining popularity service of life-streaming events Foogin com.

When did you start creating the EGO Paysenger project?

In July 2021 we met with the guys, and in September 2021 we have already signed agreements on joint work and started gathering team. Only 3 months have passed since then, and we have grown 10 times! Now there are 50 of us. We have already launched the web version of the service and got the first 1000 users.

What is the primary mission of the project?

I see the mission in creating new high-quality connections between people. There is an expression: "If you don't pay for the product, then you are the product." Today our attention is being sold by large digital giants everywhere. We receive thousands of advertising messages. As users, we are rented out to those who paid for it. mission is to change the advertising and digital superiority. So that everyone is the owner and beneficiary of the sale of their attention. On the other hand, paid communication will open up more opportunities for people to interact. By starting to value each other's time, we will be able to ask questions and exchange experiences more actively without guilt.

Why are you sure that the project will be successful?

A strong idea let strong founders to encounter the required competencies for our product. One of the founders is also the major investor of the project. We don’t depend on external financing during the most risky period for a startup. More than half of the team know each other well and have already worked together on another major fintech project. There is a credibility and harmony. Furthermore, people are motivated to the result by stock options and tokens. We can quickly scale to new regions. We can accept payments where other startups cannot (Latin America, India, Asia). We formed a strong board of advisors with experience in leading global companies (Wargaming, SAP, Unlimited, Apple, Dating com, Coin98).